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The universe is vast and mysterious, and it is our duty as humans to explore and understand its secrets

Stephen Hawking


Project Luča

In Montenegrin, “Luča” means light. True to its name, the “Luča” satellite will illuminate the edge of space as Montenegro’s inaugural satellite. This 1U cubesat is scheduled for launch from a modern spaceport in December 2024, using the reliable Soyuz carrier rocket, renowned for its industry-leading dependability.

Equipped with an array of sensors, solar panels, and cutting-edge hardware and software, Luča boasts a high-resolution camera for advanced functionality. Positioned in Earth’s orbit, the satellite is primed to stay aloft for approximately three years.

The launch of “Luča” signifies a significant milestone for Montenegro, marking its entry into space exploration and technology. As this beacon of innovation orbits our planet, it symbolizes Montenegro’s capabilities and aspirations on the cosmic stage.

Project Luča is supported by Government of Montenegro

High Altitude Balloon

In September 2022, Montenegro Space Research initiated the pilot project for the satellite “Luča.” The project involved launching a meteorological balloon equipped with a payload, including sensors and cameras. The balloon ascended to an elevation of 40,000 meters, reaching the stratosphere. The launch took place in Viš, municipality of Danilovgrad. The balloon remained airborne for five hours before returning to the ground.

Photo captured by a pilot project camera at approximately 40,000 meters (stratosphere)

TARA Project

The TARA Project, short for Turbocharged Aeronautical Rocket Advancement, embodies our commitment to reaching new heights in space exploration. Named after the majestic river Tara in Montenegro, the project pays homage to the natural beauty that inspires our endeavors.

This ambitious initiative is a multifaceted venture, seamlessly integrating model rocketry, competitions, educational workshops, chemical engineering, and rocket engineering. Our goal is to transcend boundaries and propel Montenegro into the space frontier.

The TARA Project’s complexity is a testament to our comprehensive approach. Through model rocketry, we’ve achieved remarkable performances, showcasing the potential of our innovations. Beyond the thrill of competition, the project serves as a platform for educational workshops, fostering knowledge and passion in fields like chemical and rocket engineering.

As we continue to develop model rockets with exceptional capabilities, the TARA Project stands as a symbol of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology, education, and exploration. Together, we aim to soar to new heights and make a lasting impact on the future of aerospace.

Cloud Seeding

Montenegro Space Research (MSR) unveils an ambitious endeavor aimed at revolutionizing the region’s weather manipulation capabilities through its cutting-edge cloud seeding project. Set to launch in the winter of 2026, this pioneering initiative is poised to transform the northern landscape of Montenegro by bolstering snowfall in key tourism hotspots.

At the heart of this groundbreaking venture lies MSR’s proprietary series of TARA rockets, specially designed and loaded with a carefully calibrated blend of chemicals. These rockets will be the vanguards of a concerted effort to augment natural snowfall patterns, thereby ensuring a consistent and reliable snow cover across the northern reaches of Montenegro.

The rationale behind this bold endeavor is as strategic as it is visionary. With the tourism sector serving as a linchpin of Montenegro’s economy, particularly in the northern regions where winter sports and recreational activities abound, maintaining optimal snow conditions is paramount. However, the unpredictability of weather patterns poses a significant challenge to sustaining the flow of tourists and revenue.

Enter MSR’s cloud seeding project, poised to tip the scales in favor of Montenegro’s economic stability. By orchestrating targeted interventions in the atmosphere, the project aims to enhance snow accumulation during the winter months, providing a boon to local businesses reliant on seasonal tourism.

Moreover, by leveraging indigenous expertise and resources, Montenegro is poised to assert its leadership in the burgeoning field of weather modification. The synergy between scientific innovation and economic imperatives underscores the country’s commitment to sustainable development and resilience in the face of environmental uncertainties.

As the countdown to winter 2026 begins, anticipation runs high for the transformative impact of MSR’s cloud seeding project. With its promise of bolstered snowfall and economic vitality, this endeavor heralds a new era of progress for Montenegro’s northern regions, ensuring their continued prosperity amidst a changing climate landscape.

3U CubeSat

Montenegro Space Research (MSR) is on the cusp of a groundbreaking leap into space exploration with its 3U Cubesat project, poised for launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket within the next two years. Dubbed “Balkan GeoScan,” this compact satellite harbors a formidable mission: to scan and monitor Earth’s surface, delving into crucial data regarding land composition, vegetation, urban sprawls, topography, geology, and other facets of our planet.

Equipped with state-of-the-art imaging technology and remote sensing capabilities, Balkan GeoScan represents a pivotal tool for a myriad of applications. Its mission holds profound implications for urban planning, agricultural practices, resource management, geological surveys, and more. By furnishing high-resolution imagery of Earth’s terrain, the satellite promises invaluable insights into mapping, tracking changes, detecting deforestation, monitoring urban expansion, assessing disasters, scrutinizing agricultural yields, and a myriad of other endeavors aimed at bolstering environmental stewardship and socio-economic development.

The impending launch of Balkan GeoScan marks a significant milestone for Montenegro Space Research, positioning the nation as a formidable player in the realm of space exploration and Earth observation. With its compact form factor and potent capabilities, this Cubesat heralds a new era of data acquisition and analysis, fostering innovation and informed decision-making across a spectrum of disciplines.

As anticipation mounts for the imminent deployment of Balkan GeoScan, the global community awaits with bated breath, eager to witness the transformative impact of MSR’s foray into space-borne research and exploration.

Chief Engineer Nikola with a model of the 3U Cubesat.