MSR is the 1st Montenegrin space research office. We strive to raise awareness of space among Montenegrin audiences, especially young people.


The idea arose during the First Global Challenge competition, where the task was to send a mini satellite by a meteorological balloon at an altitude of up to 10 km, collect data and return safely. We decided on a slightly more serious project.


Cubesats are miniature satellites that have been used exclusively in low Earth orbit for 15 years, and are now being used for interplanetary missions as well. In the beginning, they were commonly used in low Earth orbit for applications such as remote sensing or communications.

Why Are Satellites Important?

The bird’s-eye view that satellites have allows them to see large areas of Earth at one time. This ability means satellites can collect more data, more quickly, than instruments on the ground. Satellites also can see into space better than telescopes at Earth’s surface. That’s because satellites fly above the clouds, dust and molecules in the atmosphere that can block the view from ground level.