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Our Goals

Advanced space technologies

Developing future of space research in Montenegro.

  • Innovation: Driving forward with groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

  • Research: Conducting cutting-edge studies to push the boundaries of space exploration.

Stable platform

Set up a stable platform for today’s and future space industry scientists and entrepreneurs.

  • Infrastructure: Building a solid foundation for growth and collaboration.

  • Support: Providing guidance and resources to empower space enthusiasts and professionals.

Develop rocketry

Through the TARA project, Montenegro has rekindled its involvement in rocketry.

  • Propulsion:¬†Harnessing the power to propel humanity beyond Earth’s boundaries.

  • Exploration:¬†Embarking on a journey of discovery and adventure through the cosmos.


Lunch as many projects as possible

  • Expansion: Broadening horizons and seizing new opportunities for exploration.

  • Opportunities: Creating pathways for diverse projects to take flight and succeed.

Main goal of our mission is

Space exploration is important in Montenegro as it provides opportunities for scientific advancement, technological innovation, and economic growth. 

By engaging in space exploration, Montenegro can contribute to global space research efforts, inspire and educate its youth, and establish itself as a key player in the evolving space industry. Additionally, space exploration fosters international collaboration and enhances the country’s standing in the global scientific community